With GOD as your partner – Connecting through Inspirational Prayer

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With GOD as your partner – Connecting through Inspirational Prayer

It’s possible to mistakenly think that prayer is like a wish list to ask for our needs… Or like an ATM… You put the card into the machine [say the prayer] and money comes out [the Creator does what I asked].

This is what people who believe in the Creator think.

There are also those who are sure that the whole idea of prayer is just a type of inner meditation. Calmness and peace that bring the person to a state where he can deeply contemplate his thoughts and actions.

This is what those who do not believe in the Creator think. As far as they are concerned, you can pray to a chair for all it matters…

And the truth? What’s the truth?

Although it’s not very popular to claim that there is an absolute truth, we must mention that there is such a thing. It’s different than what’s familiar in the world  [We have already mentioned “Attitude“?!…],  Look at what the Hebrew nation has been claiming throughout history, and how it has been living its life since it met “the One who spoke and the world came into being” at the foot of Mount Sinai – the Creator of the world. Let’s try to understand how exactly this nation communicates with God.

For us, the discussion, the encounter, the conversation with God is what is important and what determines what will happen.

This encounter brings man infinite inner strength.


That’s what we are going to learn here!

  • Does prayer stem from the fact that something is lacking?
  • There are people who possess “religious emotions” and therefore pray (homo religiosus). What about those who don’t feel that they have “religious emotions”?
  • Looking at the world in all of its beauty and glory, noticing the coordination and perfection in it, arouses emotions of wonderment and amazement. Does this emotion cause a person to pray? What if someone doesn’t feel it? Will he be unable to pray?
  • How is it possible to connect to the sources of life? To the infinite optimism of life?

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    • Lecture2.1
      God continues to support us all, every single moment. WOW!
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      Script of video “God continues to support us all, every single moment. WOW!”
  • Part 3 - Words have Power! 0/3

    • Lecture3.1
      How Can I Represent the rest of the World?!
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      Script of video “How Can I Represent the rest of the World?!”
    • Lecture3.3
      To WHOM are we praying?
  • Part 4 - Let's Partner With God 0/2

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      Get linked with the ‘source of life’
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      Script of video “Get linked with the ‘source of life’ “
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      Script of all course for download
I have been working in education with teenagers and young adult students for over thirty years. During my educational career, I served as a high school principal for over 15 years. One of these high schools was a special school for students with ADHD, where I worked for over a decade, helping students reach excellent achievements and facilitating their successful incorporation into the adult world in Israel. Over the years, aside from being an ordained rabbi, I have studied with rabbis who are part of the “chain of secret-keepers” of the Jewish nation.... See More on the "About Us" page.


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    Inspirational prayer

    Hello, I love your courses, and consider them relevant... Thank you so much, I would like to be sure I didn't miss the others. Have a great week.