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What’s in it for you and how exactly this works

  • Self Control – Control over my time and my actions.

  • Motivation – How to connect to the internal sources of motivation within me.

  • An understanding of the right, best way to act in our world, and the behaviors that will enable society to exist in the most optimal way.
  • Special ways of thinking that explain the purpose of life and the meaning of my life.
  • What it really means to be a good person.
  • Ways of dealing with difficult questions, such as: what is the purpose of pain and suffering? What is the reason behind things that happen to me?
  • A stronger and deeper connection to the world around me (both my connection to other people and to the Creator).
  • An understanding of how to live my life in the most optimal way, and how to bring out my maximum potential.

What People Say

What real people said about WorldWizeWeb.



Dallas, U.S.A.
"I would like to continue learning the depth of the laws that are part of my identity".

Wim van der Hoek

“...I fully agree with your conclusion at the end about the differences between philosophy and prophesy. And I also agree that the Jewish people have the key because you are the messengers chosen by the Ribbono shel Olam to teach the nations. And I appreciate that very much! ”

Ken Xiong

Toronto, Canada
“ The videos were succinct, which is suitable for the modern audience. I can't wait to hear more. I thought it was very smart and very exciting information - truly a blessing to have received it. ”

Lissett Baez Mar

Dominican Republic
“Hello,I'm so glad to see what an extraordinary educational work you have come up with! It is clear what the objectives are. The fact that you can read while it's being explained is great, the voice also is excellent. It offers very good historical data, and the revealed importance of prophecy is a very new concept to approach..."

Dean Gates

“ I very much enjoyed the first three recordings.... also look forward to the additional audio classes when they become available. ”

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